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Colorado is the largest provider of transportation and distribution services in the Rocky Mountain regions. This is due to its geographical location between main cities in Midwest and California. The Government of United States controls mining, logging and grazing in a third of Colorado’s land.

It is estimated that 44,000 diesel-engine trucks serve the Colorado’s construction sector. This generates over ten billion US dollars and employs about 113,000 people. Trucks serve almost seventy-nine percent of the Colorado communities. Due to this trucking industry is valued at 1.6 billion US dollars and 146,212 people are employed in the industry, which means one in every fifteen employees in the state is employed by the trucking industry.

According to American trucking association there are over 3.5million truck drivers in the USA. In 2013, the trucking industry in Colorado provided 99,590 Jobs, or one out of 20 in the state. Total trucking industry wages paid in Colorado in 2013 exceeded $4.8 billion, with an average annual trucking industry salary of $48,114. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reported in May that truck drivers, heavy truck drivers, tractor-trailer drivers and light truck drivers, delivery drivers, held 37,870 jobs with a mean annual salary of $38,360 in the state of Colorado. The figures above indicate that trucking is an exceptional job industry in Colorado that is definitely undergoing through a tremendous transformation in the future. The time to Apply for a driver job is now. Over 79% of the Colorado community exclusively relies on truck transport for transfer of their property. We know that Colorado is one of the fastest growing states in the USA and therefore it has wide transportation system that enables transfer of various commodities from various supplies and consumers of various goods and services within the state. For a long period of time trucking system has undergone a huge growth.

The overview of Colorado truck driving jobs among the growing truck driving force in Colorado State is so bright. According to Colorado Moto Carriers Association (CMCA) there were 12660 trucking companies located in the state of Colorado as of April, most of them small, locally owned businesses. The figures show that there exists an annual shortage in the local truck driving jobs. These companies are served by a wide range of supporting businesses both large and small. And the entire Truck force expected to transport an average of 89 percent of the total manufactured tonnage in Colorado State per day. This shows that, roughly 79 percent of Colorado communities depend exclusively on trucks to move their goods and with this ss a local driver an individual may work for a regional trucking company, a shipping company, or a manufacturer. Here the driver drives a truck owned and paid for by your employer, rather than one that you own yourself. However, if you work as an owner operator, you may earn more money to offset the costs of truck ownership than the person working for his employer. Local jobs often have set hours for operation and often set by the employer and a driver in Colorado may be scheduled to drive between eight to nine hours per day.

Local truck driving jobs in Colorado depend on how many stops you have on your daily route per schedule, one may spend most of his day driving or loading and unloading his goods. It is always appropriate to plan on using safety equipment to appropriately load a truck at the start of each day and unload at each stop as most jobs seem physical. A local driver in Colorado may drive a light truck, a delivery truck, or a tractor-trailer depending on which type of commercial driving license one has. Light truck and delivery truck jobs are the most common Local Truck Driving Jobs in Colorado.

The type of truck you drive may have a significant impact on your salary. Colorado truck drivers get paid mainly per hourly rate but some Local trucking companies pay per day or even monthly.

Truck drivers are being demanded by various truck companies to suit this need of transportations in Colorado State. Recently truck driving jobs in Colorado has had a shortage and the figure is expected to grow in the coming year. The job offers can are found at The truck drivers are expected to transport food, clothing, furniture and other goods to various individuals, businesses and companies. Truck driving is based on the type of truck driver and having the heavy truck drivers, delivery truck drivers and sales truck drivers the qualifications demanded by an employer always do vary.

A statistical forecast shows that by the year 2016, local trucking companies in Colorado are expected to be creating an average of 1500 jobs for truck drivers annually. The demand for new truck drivers is growing more quickly than the number of drivers who are entering the profession. However one can claim that currently there is a basic economic principle behind the ongoing shortage of truck drivers that can maybe return to normal in due course.

Local truck driving Jobs in Colorado are likely to undergo a huge growth especially the heavy truck drivers and tractor-trailer drivers in the next 10 years. The Department of Labor projects that truck drivers will account for over 20 percent of the growth in logistics jobs in coming years.

For one to qualify to be a truck driver in Colorado he/she is required to have a Colorado commercial driver's license (CDL). Those people who possess the CDL can drive commercial vehicles categorized into classes A, B and C. The requirements for the applicant to obtain Colorado CDL, should be 18 years of age, is a US citizen, should possess a certificate of medical examination from the US Department of Transportation that is not more than and pass a vision test two years old. One is further required to pass through a written exams and driving tests. Other qualifications is that one is required to drive a school bus, a tanker or truck which has air brakes or sometimes transport hazardous substances or transport people. One is also required to pay the permit fee of 14 US dollars.

Many trucking companies train their workers to meet the state and government required standards and other drivers who want local truck driving jobs in Colorado enroll in private driving institutions, technical schools and sometimes community institutions. Each state certifies the training courses offered in these schools.

According to the USA PATRIOT Act for an individual to qualify in Colorado trucking jobs transporting hazardous materials or hazmat must be finger printed and qualify personal background records tests. Transportation Security Administration is a body that evaluates the background records tests for all applicants seeking Colorado trucking jobs who have hazmat endorsement. This program was developed by the Transportation Security Administration to protect US citizens from terrorists who may use the hazmat cargos. One surrenders the hazmat endorsement if TSA disqualifies. He or she is allowed to appeal the findings.

Colorado is one of states of United States of America, which lies in the western part of United States and southern part of the Rocky Mountains. Colorado has an estimated population of 5,355,866 people in 2014. The state of Colorado has many mountains and plateaus that contain many minerals like gold, petroleum, Molybdenum, silver, among other minerals. Agricultural activities are carried out in the Great Plains and it is source of wheat, corn, hay and sugar beets.

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