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Truck Drivers In Georgia: These are Must Have Tips!

Georgia is known as the “Peach State” and with Atlanta as its capital, its home to about 10 million people. If you're thinking about becoming a truck driver, you'll find quick access to highways and interstates, a lot of top trucking jobs in the area, as well as great schools and good values on real estate for your family. Check out these must have tips to help you decide on Georgia and all the information you need on local trucking jobs in Georgia.

Great Activities Georgia

  • Georgia is home to the Atlanta Braves, the Atlanta Falcons and the Atlanta Hawks so you can enjoy sports all year round. These areas are also big on college sports and support the Georgia Bulldogs.
  • Georgia is also home to a lot of top golf courses in the area and they've hosted two SuperBowls in recent years. You'll also find that depending on where you live in Georgia, you might be near the Atlanta Motor Speedway, Nascar races and Wrestlemania matches which usually come to the convention center for their Summer Slam tour. Your kids will also love shows like Disney on Ice and other cartoon characters that take the stage.
  • Georgia is home to a lot of popular areas like Savannah which is tranquil, southern and a bit laid back, or Atlanta, which is up and coming, a very urban environment with a lot of celebrities and reality TV!
  • Real estate is a better value in Georgia and you can easily find a starter home or ranch style.
  • Languages are English and Spanish primarily with Caucasians, African Americans and Spanish people making up the bulk of the population in Georgia.
  • Because you have quick access to highways and interstates, you will find that you can easily connect with Florida and Louisiana, or head north and reach North and South Carolina, Delaware and New Jersey in no time. Just watch out for spring breakers on the way back into Georgia as the roads can sometimes get congested with tourist traffic heading to Florida.
  • Because the weather is a warmer climate, you may only have a few days out of the year where the temperature drops to freezing in the winter. Summers can be quite sticky and humid, so get that AC and find a community pool for the family to enjoy while you're on the road.

Transportation and Traffic Information

Georgia is easily accessible to:

  • I-20 connects parts of Texas in I-10 with I-95 in Florence, South Carolina
  • I-24 and I-59 where you can access New Orleans and Chattanooga
  • I-75 goes across Georgia on the Northwest side to the south where it borders with Florida. This is also the access route to get to Detroit, Chattanooga and Cincinnati.
  • I-85 extends from Alabama into Atlanta, Petersburg, VA and Montgomery, Alabama
  • I-95 which goes through Georgia and connects as far as Florida. This is the interstate that can be crammed with spring break traffic. Traffic from Boston, New York, Washington and Richmond run through I-95, as well.

Trucking jobs: Georgia availability

There are a lot of different types of truck driving jobs that are available in Georgia depending on if you are working near a major hub or if you are working as a driver, a team driver, or owner operator. There are positions available with companies like: Bennett Motor Express, in McDonough, Ga, where they are looking for owner operators and fleet drivers with six months experience and OTR experience. You can Apply and find positions from companies like Freedom Trans Dedicated in Gainesville, GA, where they are looking for experienced OTR drivers that live in Alabama or Georgia. Also check out OSG Freight Lines that runs from Minnesota to Texas and back. They need flatbed drivers for dry vans and are looking for company drivers and lease purchases.

Tips on Local Trucking Jobs

Make sure that when you look for trucking jobs in Georgia, you also look for surrounding states that can give you more work opportunities and keep you close to home. Also be sure to check out the signing bonuses and other incentives that some of these companies will offer. They may even come with benefits and a company vehicle. Most openings request that you have six months experience but check online with them for any other requirements.

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If you are looking for a local driving job such as hot shot, expediting or something similar it is often better to try the local unemployment office. Many of the companies listed here have local and OTR driving positions, but the requirements and openings vary from terminal to terminal. Georgia driving jobs are available, and we encourage you to apply and check back often as we add additional better trucking companies and post better trucking jobs in Georgia. If you need assistance in Georgia locating a job, sending your resume to a company, or need to report a company that had a job listed in Georgia please contact us and provide feedback on your situation.

Remember, in the future when you're looking for a truck driving jobs or any type of trucking job, whether it's local or otr driving, has the options, the companies, and the security for you!


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