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Home of the Hoosiers, Indiana is a favorite place to live for so many great reasons including it's major trucking hubs that connect it with interstate and highway arteries all over the country. With almost 7 million people, the Hoosier state and Lincoln's childhood home is considered the Crossroads of America. Because it's still considered a state where truckers may be faced with harsh winters, you have several opportunities that can take you a little further south for OTR jobs.

Local Illinois trucking jobs are also available and you will find a lot of trucking companies around Indiana service the Indiana area also, so keep that in mind when you search for available openings & Apply. If you decide to stick with local Indiana trucking jobs, you can expect to be home on the weekends and that's a great incentive if you have a growing family. Because there are a lot of rural areas throughout Indiana, you can find a lot of real estate on sale and the schools are very good, as well. Check out a few of these job openings in the Indiana area.

Trucking Driving Jobs: Indiana Available Openings

With several trucking companies and major hubs in and around Indiana, you'll find plenty of trucking jobs whether you are a driver, team driver or owner operator. Some jobs may require you to have 6-months experience, or a year's experience in working with a flatbed, but these will vary from company to company. A few available openings include:

  • Blair Logistics based out of Westville, IN. Offering a $2,000 signing bonus and weekends off, they're looking for owner operators with flat bed experience. Benefits include direct deposit, a gat dispatch staff and weekly pay.
  • Power Source Transportation, owner operators, they are a tow away company and require 2 yars of experience. They also service 48 states and look for recent experience. Benefits include .80-cents per mile and lease purchase options. This type of company works in entertainment transportation so that may take you to set-ups for some of the top shows and entertainers.
  • Atlas Commercial Truckload based out of Evansville, IN. This top trucking company has a global network operation and they're looking for owner operators to work in their shuttle fleet service. Offering $1.56 per mile and a $3,000 signing bonus, you may want to send your application in now and get on their waiting list.

Benefits You Should Consider With Trucking Jobs

When you look at a trucking job opportunity, make sure you check for the requirements so that you know if they are looking for 6-months of experience, or 2-years. Each company is different and sometimes you may have to check back if you find a top company that's offering a signing bonus or other incentive. Whether you are a new driver or an owner operator, you can always start elsewhere to make a name for yourself and build up your experience because you will want to take the time to learn the various interstates and highways in and around Indiana. Also check to see the types of benefits that you will receive and try to get a plan that offers medical and dental so you can save money on expenses for your family. With a signing bonus you can always use that money to help relocate your family and remember, local Indiana truck driving jobs mean you will have weekends off!

Best Reasons to Work In Indiana

  • A very big football and basketball state, Indiana is home to the Pacers, the Indians, the Eleven, the Fuel and the Indianapolis Colts. It's also home to the Indianapolis 500 races where thousands of fans fill the stadiums each year. Get ready for fun times with the kids at weekend games where you can easily catch up on sports and you don't have to watch it on TV � you can see it live!
  • Indiana is also home to a lot of interesting weather patterns. The spring and summer can have storms, floods and tornadoes while the winter is covered in ice and snow. Ensure you speak to experienced drivers who can tell you the best routes to take and the best times of year to travel. You may want to take those bigger OTR projects further south so you don't miss deadlines. The benefit to being in Indiana is you are also in a major artery and trucking hub, so there are thousands of trucking companies and routes that drivers take daily.
  • With so many celebrities, sports players and owners, the trucking industry is very busy in and out of Indiana with everything from entertainment equipment to flatbeds and vans. You'll find a lot of work in Indiana whether you are working OTR or local jobs.
  • Indiana is a big mix of whites, Hispanics and African American people. You'll find a lot of diversity here and your children will have some of the best schools available to them.

Interstate and Highway Information

With convenient access to Iowa, Illinois, Iowa and other states, Indiana is one of the most accessible regions. It also connects to major arteries including:

  • I-64, I-65, I-265, I-465, I-865, I-69, I-469, I-70, I-74, I-80, I-84, I-90, I-275 and I-94.
  • Major routes and highways also pass through Indiana.


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If you are looking for a local driving job such as hot shot, expediting or something similar it is often better to try the local unemployment office. Many of the companies listed here have local and OTR driving positions, but the requirements and openings vary from terminal to terminal. Indiana driving jobs are available, and we encourage you to apply and check back often as we add additional better trucking companies and post better trucking jobs in Indiana. If you need assistance in Indiana locating a job, sending your resume to a company, or need to report a company that had a job listed in Indiana please contact us and provide feedback on your situation.

Remember, in the future when you're looking for a truck driving jobs or any type of trucking job, whether it's local or otr driving, has the options, the companies, and the security for you!


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