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Thinking about Kansas for a Trucking Job? Use These Key Facts

With just over 3 million people, Kansas is known for its country roots, music and fairs. Known as the Sunflower or Wheat state, Topeka is its capital. If you're thinking about Kansas to work here as a trucker, you'll find there are a quite a lot of Kansas trucking jobs in the area as this is a central hub in the United States. With easy access to interstates and highways, you can find local driving jobs and OTR jobs with no problem. Real estate is cheap and the schools are great so that means you won't have to worry about your family while you're on the road. Consider these top tips to help you research your decision on Kansas for a trucking job so you'll have all the facts you need to help you make your decision and start your Application.

Kansas has a lot to Offer

  • Big on sports, Kansas is home to the Kansas City Royals, the Chiefs, the T-Bones, the Kansas Magic, the Topeka Golden Giants, the Roadrunners and the Thunder. This is also a region big on hockey, soccer and college sports. That means when you're off on weekends, you can easily catch a game or two.
  • Kansas is also home to the Kansas Speedway and they hosts NASCAR races. You can find drag racing events and sports car clubs for the car enthusiast in you.
  • Depending on where you live in Kansas, you will find a lot of high school sports as the area is big on football, basketball and baseball. That means that your child may be actively involved in sports at top schools here and will always have a lot of great activities with friends. On your downtime or weekends off, you'll be able to catch games, go to fairs and spend time with your family.
  • Kansas is also home to a lot of tornadoes, floods and hurricanes, so be sure to research the area where you want to move to and ensure it has up-to-date tornado information to ensure your family is able to stay safe if you are on the road. You can also invest in storm drains, storm windows and ensure your basement will allow for emergency access if needed and depending on where you live.
  • Real estate is very reasonable and you can also find land on sale that may be adjacent to or include farming land if you want to grow your own crops or raise your own animals.
  • Since you will have so much access to a lot of major highways and interstates, you will find that you can easily connect in any direction based on job availability. Just keep track of the weather forecasts to ensure you don't get stuck in a flood zone area or are side-tracked by bad weather.
  • Kansas is mostly white with a small mix of Indians, African Americans and Spanish people.

Traffic Information and Highway Details

Kansas is one of the most accessible states as it connects to major interstates and highways that include:

  • Interstates: 1-35, 1-235, 1-335, 1-435, 1-635, I-70, I-470, and I-670
  • Highway connections include: US 24, US 36, US 40, US 50, US 54, US 154, US 56, US 156, US 59, US 159, US 160, US 166, US 69, US 169, US 270, US 73, US 75, US 77, US 177, US 81, US 281, US 83, US 183, US 283, and US 400

Trucking Driving jobs: Kansas opportunities

With instant access to major hubs and various highways and interstates, you can easily pick from jobs listed under Kansas or surrounding areas. Available Kansas truck driving jobs are broken down usually based on if you are a driver, working as a team driver, or even if you own your own rig. A few available positions include: Core Carrier Corp, that lets you work weekly with weekends off, offers a signing bonus/orientation pay, has no touch freight work available and they're looking for drivers now. Another well known company that's hiring is Butler Transport that offers a top benefits package and looks for drivers with experience. They do runs across most states and have lease purchases available. Other incentives include you're also paid weekly, get lay over pay and vacation pay.


When you look at some of the job opportunities for truckers, consider where you might want to live, look at the available Kansas truck driving jobs and then seek out affordable housing. Try to find a company that will offer full benefits that will cover you and your whole family. These top companies may offer signing bonuses and other incentives like paid vacation days, and of course, weekends off!

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Local trucking jobs in your state

If you are looking for a local driving job such as hot shot, expediting or something similar it is often better to try the local unemployment office. Many of the companies listed here have local and OTR driving positions, but the requirements and openings vary from terminal to terminal. Kansas driving jobs are available, and we encourage you to apply and check back often as we add additional better trucking companies and post better trucking jobs in Kansas. If you need assistance in Kansas locating a job, sending your resume to a company, or need to report a company that had a job listed in Kansas please contact us and provide feedback on your situation.

Remember, in the future when you're looking for a truck driving jobs or any type of trucking job, whether it's local or otr driving, EveryOwnerOperatorJob.com has the options, the companies, and the security for you!


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