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Enjoy fresh seafood, long weekends and relaxation? Then Maine might be the place for you. Known as the Pine Tree state, Maine is home to about 1.3 million people. Located in the Northeast section of the country, Maine is a great trucking state because it's scenic, has amazing parks and lakes, and traveling south can easily lead to big OTR jobs, but a lot of truckers who live in Maine enjoy local work as it gives them weekends off to spend with their families and they have more time to relax and not deal with so much traffic and hazardous conditions in other states.

Truck drivers know that Maine is a quieter area where they can comfortably raise their families. If you choose OTR jobs, you can travel south and find yourself in NJ, CT, NY or surrounding areas in no time. With a few great trucking companies located here, you'll find interstates and routes are easy to access and you can quickly meet deadlines and quotas. Keep a watch out for seasonal traffic around the summer months when tourists flock to Maine to visit the popular lakes in and around Maine and New England.

Trucking Driving Jobs In Maine Available

With a few top trucking companies, Maine is a great place to start working as a solo driver, owner operator or as a team driver. Just make sure to Apply & check the different requirements needed for the job openings you're looking at and if you don't see something now, be sure to check back in a few months for available openings. Also consider looking into companies that may offer training on their equipment so you have a thorough understanding of the work involved as well as experienced drivers who can help you learn the areas and regions you will be working in. Next, look at the starting bonuses and other incentives that a new company may offer. You should also look at long term benefits and retirement plans. A few examples of Maine truck driving jobs include:

  • Sargent Trucking, based out of Mars Hill, they are looking for company drivers and owner operators. Servicing several states, they offer lease purchase and rider programs, as well as a full medical benefits package. In business since 1983, they work in over 35 states.
  • Central Maine Transport is based out of Bangor, ME and they are looking for drivers for their dry van freight transportation business. They offer no touch freight, a full benefits plan including life insurance, and a lease purchase program. Other benefits include lay over pay, deadhead pay, stop off pay, and vacation pay.

Benefits to Maine

Because Maine is one of the northern most states, you can easily find jobs that are located here for local work or in surrounding states if you want OTR jobs to make a little more money. With local jobs you will have weekends off and you can enjoy that beautiful Maine weather and all it has to offer.

What The State Has to Offer

  • Maine is home to some of the best sports teams including the Red Claws, Black Bears, Pirates and Sea Dogs. Weekends off mean you'll be able to catch a game or two and if you're on one of their great lakes, you might even catch a fish or two!
  • In the winter months, Maine is in an area that gets a lot of ice and snow, so factor this in if you are going to work locally as you want to speak with other experienced drivers who can help you to plan for the winter season and navigate the best routes to take. If you are working OTR, you may find yourself traveling south over the winter months to make more money so you can bypass harsh weather conditions and meet your deadlines.
  • Maine is about 98.4% Caucasian with the remaining a small mix of Asians, African Americans, Indians, Spanish and other races.

Highway and Travel Information

Maine is close to the following interstates and highways:

  • Interstates: I-95, I-295, I-395, and I-495. You will also find US Route 1, US-2, US-2A, US-201, US-202, US Route 6 and US Route 9.
  • Maine borders the following states: New England, New Hampshire and the Canadian border near Quebec and New Brunswick.


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If you are looking for a local driving job such as hot shot, expediting or something similar it is often better to try the local unemployment office. Many of the companies listed here have local and OTR driving positions, but the requirements and openings vary from terminal to terminal. Maine driving jobs are available, and we encourage you to apply and check back often as we add additional better trucking companies and post better trucking jobs in Maine. If you need assistance in Maine locating a job, sending your resume to a company, or need to report a company that had a job listed in Maine please contact us and provide feedback on your situation.

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