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Ready for a great trucking career that will have you centrally located? Be sure to check out Nebraska. Nebraska is known as the “Corn Husker State” and is a prime location for truck drivers interested in saving money on housing, building their families and being accessible to a lot of big truck driving jobs. With its central location, Nebraska is surrounded by South Dakota, Missouri, Iowa, Wyoming and Colorado. Included below is information on Nebraska trucking jobs to help you decide if you want to drive in Nebraska. If your mind is made up Apply Now.

Nebraska is about 77,000 square miles and home to 1.8 million people. Its capital is Lincoln and the largest city is Omaha which is also the largest metro area. Scenic areas include Scott's Bluff National Monument, the beautiful hills of Pine Ridge, and the flat terrain you will find on some country roads and the contrast between farming land with grain silos and urban living in downtown Omaha or Lincoln. Nebraska is 94% Caucasian, 3.6% African American and the rest is a mix of Asian, Indian and Hispanic people.

Nebraska is the 16th most populous state and has a median income of $44,000. For truckers who live in this area, real estate is reasonably priced and you can find a starter home, trailer, or small farm. Your family may enjoy having the wide open spaces of living in a rural environment, or you may want to move to the city until you find a house. Try to find Nebraska truck driving jobs that may have signing bonuses to help with moving costs.

Top sports teams include the Omaha Storm Chasers, the Omaha Beef, the Nebraska Danger and the Lincoln Saltdogs. Because there are so many colleges and high school teams that are big on sports, you can catch local games on weekends when you're off or you might even be driving equipment back and forth for top teams. To see local and OTR jobs in Nebraska, check with EveryTruckJob.

Transportation in the Nebraska area:

  • Nebraska has interstate access with Interstates 76, 80, 129, 180, 480, and 680. It also has convenient access to Routes 6, 20, 26, 30, 34, 73, 75, 77, 81, 83, 136, 138, 159, 183, 275, 281, 283 and 385.
  • Flights go into and out of Lincoln Airport, Millard Airport and Western Nebraska Regional Airport. Amtrak also runs through here along with other trains transporting goods.

Types of Trucking Jobs: Nebraska Area

Nebraska trucking jobs are usually for owner operators, solo drivers and team drivers. Companies may also hire students and new grads. Whether it's a local job hauling short orders or an OTR job, consider the area where you want to be in the winter when it's cold and icy as you can likely pick up work further north or south.

The Advantages of Truck Driving Jobs: Nebraska

With real estate priced well, that means you can move your family to a nice area and know that they will be safe and have access to the best schools and churches. Because of the central location, you can still make it to your kid's events on nights and weekends if you take a local job!

Trucking Job Opportunities

Here are a few of the available trucking jobs in Nebraska. These include:

  • Grand Island Express is based out of Grand Island, NE and they are looking for solo company drivers as they work in several areas in the northeast. With 99% no touch freight, they offer weekly pay and have paid orientations, vacation pay and other perks! Orientation is 3 days and they have a full benefits package.
  • Another company to check out is Zeitner & Sons based out of Omaha, NE where they are hiring solo and team company drivers, as well as solo and team owner operators. They work in parts of the northeast and drivers make on average about $60,000 per year. With a full benefits plan and 100% no-touch freight, they also have direct deposit, drivers averaging about 3,000 miles each week and they have a 1.5 day orientation period.
  • Also be sure to check out Werner Enterprises out of Omaha, NE where they are looking for all types of drivers and cover the entire US area. They have about 7,500 tractors and 10,000+ employees. With 150+ accounts all over the US, they have steady runs, and offer a signing bonus of up to $12,000. They have regional and OTR jobs!

For more Nebraska trucking jobs, be sure to check out Every Truck Job.


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If you are looking for a local driving job such as hot shot, expediting or something similar it is often better to try the local unemployment office. Many of the companies listed here have local and OTR driving positions, but the requirements and openings vary from terminal to terminal. Nebraska driving jobs are available, and we encourage you to apply and check back often as we add additional better trucking companies and post better trucking jobs in Nebraska. If you need assistance in Nebraska locating a job, sending your resume to a company, or need to report a company that had a job listed in Nebraska please contact us and provide feedback on your situation.

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